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heidi. / ハイジ
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heidi. is a Japanese visual kei band from Tokyo that formed on 2006.06.03. The line-up has remained the same ever since formation and (hopefully) it will stay that way during their entire lifespan. heidi.'s first official release was actually a mini album released on 2006.08.02 called 慟哭(doukoku). They have participated on a few omnibus CDs since then and have released a few other things as well, including a full-length album. We all hope that heidi.'s lifespan as a band will be a long one and may they continue making great music. ♪

★ Are you looking for something in particular? Please check the community tags first. You can also find their discography here. Translated Ameba blogs are located at heidi_blogs.

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the band.

(left to right in the above image)

Gt. ナオ (Nao): 8/18, O blood type
Past bands: カリメロ(Karimero)→ (ANNY'S LTD.)

Vo. 義彦 (Yoshihiko): 10/19, AB blood type
Past bands: Sics!

Dr.桐 (Kiri): 9/27, O blood type
Past bands: Rougir La Neige → kannivalism → ポロリ(Porori)

Ba. コースケ (Kohsuke): 2/19, B blood type
Past bands: カリメロ(Karimero)


Email: mail@heidi-net.com


heidi. OHP
Official blog (Members and Staff)
(Individual member blogs were discontinued at the end of August 2007, but you can still find them on the OHP.)
Official MySpace
Bilingual blogs on their MySpace
Visunavi Profile
grass thread Profile
the community.


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3) If you upload any media (pictures etc.) please put them under an LJ-cut and friends-lock your post. Any posts not following this will have a warning before deleted.We'd like to keep the community clean looking :D
4) Do not talk negatively about the band, unless it's constructive criticism.
5) Respect the wishes of the admin/mod's -- they are the backbone of the community, so at least show them some respect.
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We are in no way, shape or form directly affiliated to heidi. We are not an official community, it is simply ran by fans for fans. We do not mean to cause any harm to the band and only hope to extend their fandom beyond Japan. All images used here without permission are copyrighted to the band heidi. Anything posted by members are their responsibility only, we will do our best to prevent anything harmful to heidi. or the members of this community. Thank you for understanding.


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